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We believe that we have so many disorders under one roof for the sole reason to speak up and advocate on behalf of the disorders and related/passionate disorders or causes,  as well to let other families know that they are not struggling alone.  Even if there is only one disorder in a house, every person is effected and we want them to know they are not alone.

If you would ever meet us, our goal is that you would see through our actions and how we communicate that we are some of the most understanding, non-judgmental people you would meet.  Because of this, we do not want to sit on the side lines and watch as certain disorders are side lined or even bulldozed over.

Meet the Family


I currently have breast cancer while I manage living with PTSD and fibromyalgia.


Our retired soldier who has Combat PTSD and ADHD.


Our oldest who has ODD as well as Secondary PTSD.


Our youngest who has SPD and a diet and digestive system that doctors have not been able to figure out in 8 years.  She certainly is a person that in every way creates her own category.  She never fits a stereotype or the right criteria for anything in life. Truly unique.

Methos and Daisy

Our Therapy Dogs.  Methos joined our family shortly after Kyra was born and during Chris’ last deployment.  Daisy is our newest family member and just joined us in October 2017.  Yes the are pit bulls and they have never hurt any one and yes we do trust them around our kids.

Next Steps…

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