TENS units, amazing!

I will testify to TENS units enough that instead of using the article picture, I used my own picture for this one. The one thing I hate is not being able to reach to put it on my back areas myself. Granted I don’t just use it on my neck and back. I current have one hip that is in bad shape fibro wise due to the chemo and it can soften the spasms there also.


Fibro and Kids?

Over the last couple months I have really been contemplating this. Kyra tends to live in growing pain to the point where we do stretch and/or yoga daily together. The flip side is, she is a major sleeper but as with most sensory kiddos, going to sleep is hard. It’s if nothing else, we can and will keep stretching together. I know that helps her.


I won’t lie. This sound really interesting. Currently going through a lot of personal things right now. I know we share a lot of personal information but there are things that we let take their time before we share. Those struggles will be known in good time. Anyways, once I figure out how to try this while dealing with all that I will certainly update.

Treatments and helpers

As fibro suffers we know that we can use all the help we can get to help fight the countless symptoms of the disorder. Which is why I have included another article. I’m sure you have figured out by now. I will not give credit where it is not due. These are not my original ideas. I can however tie a personal piece to it. If you would like long blog post where I have pulled from a few site, built a mini research paper, and include credits, I can do that also.

Personally, not crazy about Tiger balm. I do think yoga is great for fibro. If I can keep a space clean enough for it, or the girls can since they leave their stuff everywhere, I try to do it 1-2 times per day because it helps so much.

Chemical sensitivities?

Okay, to be honest. This one is totally new to me. While doing my research I came across this article. I found it rather interesting especially since it also ties into breast cancer, which you will understand when you read it. Anyways, considering it is so new, I know that I will have some experimenting and investigating to do into this and if it matters to me. I hope not considering how many other things out there like to effect fibro and try to control one’s life. I will keep you posted. Share your findings as well.

Essential oils!!!

Anyone who knows me knows that I am into essential oils. I started to get into them a couple years ago when I was at a small speaking event in order to prepare for a large speaking event. While there, someone was talking about essential oils and shared some of the benefits of one and it was a digestive oil. Considering how I struggle with Kyra, this really got my attention. Since then, I have been self teaching myself through talking to people as well as researching online and through books all about essential oils. During the summer it is a God sent. Bug spray does not work on Kyra but our little mixture does.

The first article has some essential oils for fibro and the second article has why use essential oils section and a pairing of some common fibro symptoms with some oils that help treat each one. You can always reach out to me with any questions you have or leave comments about what you found that works.

Oh Costco

Some of you may know from a post I shared back in the fall about costochondritis, a condition that can effect the rib region for fibro sufferers. In the works of medicine, things are hard to remember and I could only remember it as reminding me of Costco and the doctor knew exactly what I was talking about and we both laughed. The nickname, like fibro, stuck.

For those of you who are not familiar with it, the article does a good job explaining it and why a good fitting bra is important not only for all woman but especially fibro patients.

Side note: Costco, is also how I found my breast cancer. I thought it was the usual pain but when treating the trigger points I found the tumor.

What to eat?

The more I study fibro the more I find myself asking, “What the **** can I eat?” I included the swear word because I’m sure several readers feel the same. I know that I am not “suppose” to have yeast or mold. That includes no starches, vinaigrettes, limited milk and my sugar is two servings of fresh fruit a day. That leaves me with plan vegetables, meat, my two fruits and water. Talk about boring. Then you add in more rules like the nightshades which you can read why in the article. Now my vegetable list is shrinking and so it continues. It really makes one wonder, “Is living pain free worth it?” If anyone has figured out this diet thing please comment for everyone to know.

Juice ideas

I will be honest and tell you that you probably will not find too many recipes on here from me. I am extremely picky for several reasons. However, when I stumble across recipes that share why they are hopeful I would like to share those for our readers who are so picky. Plus there might be that reader who could give me a couple replacement ideas for those ingredients I just can’t get over.


While looking through the list, I started to wonder why everyone did not have fibro. I mean the the first trigger is stress and we all live will stress so why don’t we all have fibro?

Anyways, as for me, I have shared that I have PTSD from my childhood experiences and that Kyra was born during Chris’ deployment. If you did not know that, then know you do. Chris and I got married a year earlier than we planned to because of his deployment and he wanted to have a child to carry on his blood name, hopefully, if something were to happen. Although all around we weren’t in the right place for another child at the time, I understood and agreed so along came Kyra.

About a month or so after she was born, mind you she was very colicky and had her diet and digestive problems that are still unknown, I had a headache so serve I blacked out. That is what they believe was the first major system of my fibro. I might have had it during the pregnancy because I had severe growing pains but they are not sure. They due know that it had to at least start after I had her if not during the pregnancy. When I say severe growing pains, I mean I felt like someone was stabbing me numerous times throughout the day in my belly. An expecting mother’s nightmare feeling.

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