Not sure if I believe this or want to.  I am not against swearing.  You can find more about my personal views about swearing on our YouTube channel, but swearing and pain????  I do think that swearing allows one to express a level of emotion that some other words simply cannot reach, so in being honest with our feelings maybe that is how it helps.  We aren’t bottling the emotions up with the cold water solution for example.


Read the story and you decide.  Also check out our YouTube channel to see my personal views on swearing.


Hormones and Fibro

I will testify that hormones play a huge part in fibro. As some of you may know, I am currently going through hormone therapy as part of my cancer treatment, hopefully a preventive treatment at this point.  We had to choose the medicine wisely because of my fibro and my fibro is all over the place on this treatment and can I just say that it sucks.  I am only into the first 8 months of my 5 year treatment so my body better shape up because I can’t deal with this for the rest of the time.  I hate fibro as it is but hate the two together even more.  I want my life back!!!!!

My “female” hormones aren’t the only ones that suffer.  Emotionally this treatment has me all over the place. I wouldn’t be surprised if my serotonin levels are super low.

Overactive Brain?

While I will admit I do have an overactive brain, it never shuts up, one of the many challenges that face be at bedtime, I find this study hard to believe.  For the longest time, and even still today, some will argue I have a high pain tolerance, unusual for someone with fibro.  However, the back labor not the regular contractions bothered me with Kyra; considering the fibro, I did well with all my piercings and tattoos; and even when my physical therapist assessed me, she thought I didn’t have fibro because my pain score was too low but as she continued, she concluded that I did but I just have a high pain tolerance.  Then again I have been the outlier in many things so maybe this also.

Our immune system as it relates to fibro

I do think there is a link between the immune system and fibro flares.  When I am healthy I feel better including pain wise.  The pain doesn’t go away but it does get better. However fighting cancer and having a yeast allergy which means that I can either eat yummy food I can’t have or plain food I can, it is difficult to be truly healthy.  I know some people who consider it an autoimmune disorder.  I think the jury is still out as to what category it truly falls under, if there is just one.

Stress and anxiety-hell yes do they effect fibro!  One of the biggest ways you can see them effecting my fibro is the fibro fog.  I can be the smartest person in the room then all of a sudden I am incoherent, stumbling on my words, can’t put my thoughts together and so on.  Plus, I forget everything.  Physically, I become a clutz.  I trip and fall over nothing and everything.

Exercise is important.  I find that swimming, water physical therapy, yoga, and other yoga like work outs are best.  Sleep is great but hard to manage.  The pain can make it hard to get to sleep or it can even wake you up.  Plus, if you are like me you have a family that doesn’t help. #momlife  Kyra still snuggles every now and then, mostly when she is sick, and always for sensory or health reasons, or if she’s had a nightmare because I am too tired to put her back to bed.  If you have fibro, I’m sure you can relate.  Chris is a major bed hog.  Then Daisy with her separation anxiety tends to accidently push me out of bed also.

fibro flares

Flares are a challenge to pin point.  I was doing well before the cancer with managing it and knowing some of the flares, now? forget it.  I am in hormone therapy so that trigger is all over the place especially with its own side effects. Plus, it is summer here in Georgia and with no effective way to cool my house, it causes its own fun.  I know that winter and I did not mix when we lived in PA. I hurt all the time in the winter.  Now I seem to have to fight everything.

Weather is another trigger I found.  It can be difficult to pinpoint though.  One and only one hurricane caused havoc on my body.  Even my GI track was spasming out of control.  Rainy days are more painful than sunny.

Fibro and urinary problems

I never thought of these problems being related to fibro.  I also thought that it all was due to having the two kids.  However, it does make since.  At one point we were working on my core strength and they, I see many physical therapists at one place, shared that many muscle groups are used to help with these problems not just the pelvic floor muscles.  Since muscle groups are generally weakened due to the fibro and there is more than one time of muscle group involved, logic would say these problems shouldn’t come as a shock.  What is worse is when chemo can also make these problems worse.  No wonder I never knew when I had a UTI when I was going through chemo.

TENS units, amazing!

I will testify to TENS units enough that instead of using the article picture, I used my own picture for this one. The one thing I hate is not being able to reach to put it on my back areas myself. Granted I don’t just use it on my neck and back. I current have one hip that is in bad shape fibro wise due to the chemo and it can soften the spasms there also.

Fibro and Kids?

Over the last couple months I have really been contemplating this. Kyra tends to live in growing pain to the point where we do stretch and/or yoga daily together. The flip side is, she is a major sleeper but as with most sensory kiddos, going to sleep is hard. It’s if nothing else, we can and will keep stretching together. I know that helps her.


I won’t lie. This sound really interesting. Currently going through a lot of personal things right now. I know we share a lot of personal information but there are things that we let take their time before we share. Those struggles will be known in good time. Anyways, once I figure out how to try this while dealing with all that I will certainly update.

Treatments and helpers

As fibro suffers we know that we can use all the help we can get to help fight the countless symptoms of the disorder. Which is why I have included another article. I’m sure you have figured out by now. I will not give credit where it is not due. These are not my original ideas. I can however tie a personal piece to it. If you would like long blog post where I have pulled from a few site, built a mini research paper, and include credits, I can do that also.

Personally, not crazy about Tiger balm. I do think yoga is great for fibro. If I can keep a space clean enough for it, or the girls can since they leave their stuff everywhere, I try to do it 1-2 times per day because it helps so much.

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