While looking through the list, I started to wonder why everyone did not have fibro. I mean the the first trigger is stress and we all live will stress so why don’t we all have fibro?

Anyways, as for me, I have shared that I have PTSD from my childhood experiences and that Kyra was born during Chris’ deployment. If you did not know that, then know you do. Chris and I got married a year earlier than we planned to because of his deployment and he wanted to have a child to carry on his blood name, hopefully, if something were to happen. Although all around we weren’t in the right place for another child at the time, I understood and agreed so along came Kyra.

About a month or so after she was born, mind you she was very colicky and had her diet and digestive problems that are still unknown, I had a headache so serve I blacked out. That is what they believe was the first major system of my fibro. I might have had it during the pregnancy because I had severe growing pains but they are not sure. They due know that it had to at least start after I had her if not during the pregnancy. When I say severe growing pains, I mean I felt like someone was stabbing me numerous times throughout the day in my belly. An expecting mother’s nightmare feeling.



So I have to be very careful with how I currently treat my fibro due to the fact that so many things can effect my chemo. I can’t take any anti-inflammatory substances which as fibro suffers we know sucks. However, I can use anti-inflammatory agents in a bath so I can get some relief.

The other herbal area I know I will run into trouble is tea. I cannot stand the texture of tea. Yes, you heard, well read correctly, I cannot tolerate the texture of tea. I can always tastes the grains in it. Between herbs, oils, and other homeopathic remedies I am really hoping to find ways to use some of these in non-tea form. I know that for chemo and fibro the dandelion would be wonderful but no way can I drink one cup of the tea and best results are with five.


I really like what the image call the symptoms or puts as a nickname for fibromyalgia (fibro).  There are so many different symptoms to fibro that it makes it hard to define, there is no “look” for it.  Not only are the symptoms all of the place, the degree to which they interfere with life vary not only person to person but day to day and some times minute to minute as well.

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