Kyra’s diet

 Fruit                            Vegetables                 Grains            Meat          Misc:          
apples                          corn*                         barley             beef            cinnamon    
red grapes                 carrots                      corn*               pork            cocoa            
green grapes            green beans            potato             chicken                          
pears                           peas                            tapioca           tilapia                              
blueberries               sweet potatoes        almond*
raspberries               potatoes                     coconut        egg*
mango                      butternut squash     wheat*
apricot                  cucumber
cherries                broccoli
strawberries       tomatoes
purple plums      iceburg lettuce
CANNOT foods
oat                     milk
rice                   peanut


Is highly allergic to milk and allergic to peanuts  * notes trace allergy based on blood work


Kyra’s diet history

Since birth Kyra has had dietary problems.  Just after she was born, we joked with her nurse because she had a bowl movement every time the nurse came and checked on her.  After about 24 hours, she became fussy and finally was giving the nurse a break.  Years later we found she was allergic to milk, and as we know hospitals insist on milk with meals and with the nursing she ended up having digestive issues.

After I stopped nursing for my own health reasons, she did okay with formula.  That is until she would increase her food intake.  Then, she would no longer be able to tolerate it. The only formula she had troubles with right away was soy.  Luckily, at seven months, she stopped at six ounces.

Baby food was a problem.  Even her doctor was worried about it.  We delayed starting for as long as we could.  The first time we tried oatmeal which was fine and then bananas.  Bananas back fired so bad that she could no longer have oatmeal.  Therefore she was back on formula only for about another month and a half.  The funny thing is that the only baby cereal she could tolerate was barley.  At that point we had to stick to trying one food at a time, 2-3 times a day, for one week and if she would react to a food, she would have to take a two week healing break.  We still have to do that to this day, eight years later.

No doctor has been able to make sense of her diet and I doubt one ever will.  She will probably always have to follow a trial and error diet.

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