Kyra’s Digestive System

Clearly Kyra’s diet and digestive system are linked seeing that most of her diet is intolerances or allergies that cause GI issues.  However, it is more than that.  When she was two, her doctor found an animal strain of an infection that was causing an infection in her stomach and an ulcer in the opening of her large intestine.

Then, when she was four, her digestive system just shut down all together.  By the time we got in to she the doctor all she would eat in a day would total a plate of food and a glass of fluid.  The blood work they did showed she was heading into liver and kidney failure.  The first medicine they gave her IBS medicine.  It worked for a month.  Then it was heart burn and IBS medicine and that worked for a month.  Finally, a digestive functioning medicine worked, but still now answers as to why it stopped working then or the few times it has stopped since.

When she was six, she had an immune, digestive battle.  Her digestive system went and due to that her weight and immune system weaken.  That year there was a lot of severe illnesses going around so she was always sick.  Always sick meant that even with her digestive system working she couldn’t get her weight up which meant it was a constant cycle.

This year she turned eight.  She had tubes put in, but nothing big.  However, she did miss a lot of school due to her stomach pains and now she seems to have a constipation issues with everything including foods she can’t have.  That is except pineapple.  We just found out that pineapple is now a safe clean out method for her.  Doctors don’t know and don’t care what is going on with Kyra.


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