Finding Out

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Many people have wondered what it has been like to find out that I have cancer and all I really can go into is the details of it all.  As someone else put it today, it sounds like a real whirlwind.

Towards the beginning of March I had my early physical.  My doctor asked how my breast were doing because we found a small lump back in August but by the time I had the ultrasound, it was gone.  I was hurting at the time of my appointment but didn’t think anything of it at the time because I tend to have rib flares with my fibro.  A couple days later I was using trigger point therapy on my ribs when I noticed a large lump near my sternum.  I was in with a doctor before the week was over.  A week and a half later I had my ultrasound.  You know it is not good when the tech and nurse are in and out of the room and no one is talking to you.  They wanted me to get the mammogram right then but couldn’t get the authorization. I did however get on post and a week and a half later and have another ultrasound done along with a mammogram and biopsy.  That was the Wednesday before Easter.

The following Wednesday I got the diagnosis over the phone along with an appointment to she my surgical oncologist, which was the following Monday.  I then saw the plastic surgeon on Wednesday and my medical oncologist got moved up to that Friday.  There the plan of surgery in a couple weeks followed by chemo and radiation got changed to chemo first due to the size and how fast it was growing.

That was Friday.  Tuesday I was in surgery getting my port placed.  Wednesday I had a brain MRI.  Since I have headaches due to fibro, they wanted to be safe and rule out it spreading.  Thursday I had a heart squeeze test to make sure my heart was strong enough for chemo.  Friday I had a CT of my trunk to make sure it hadn’t spread.  Then, Monday I had my breast MRI and I met with the genetic counselor to have the genetic tests completed.  Thursday I had my first dose of chemo.

Like I said, it all happened really fast.  However that is a good thing.  Based on office visits, it was growing a centimeter a week.  Also, the MRI shows that it may have made it to a lymph node and not one that they usually would biopsy.  Since I am already in chemo, I will find out more about that come surgery time.

There really is no one word to describe how it has been.  What I can say is that so far chemo is working.  I know that either outcome I win and the fighting is over.    It’s a healthy out look I promise.  Even my therapist thinks so.  I have the I’m fighting this but just in case mentality.  I was lucky enough to come to grips with it in a short time.


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