Oh, summer

This summer has been fun.  I am handing Kyra over to family for the most part this summer.  Knowing that she has to be active and has to move and hates change, I can’t keep her home this summer as I am going through chemo.  Not alone.  I have wonderful friends, don’t get me wrong, but trying to balance friend’s work schedule and how much of Kyra they know and their kid’s can handle is just too much for everyone.  Those who know me know that I feel guilt very easily, and sending my children away for most of the summer is one of those things that I am dreading, but I know I can’t be the mom that they need right now, especially Kyra.

The knowing the child is so important and it is also important to plan just in case.  I am always the one that gets picked on for that but it comes in handy.  I got both the girls water shoes for our trip to the beach, but surprisingly they were fine without them.  I go visit a family member miles away in hospice one year and needed my funeral clothes not for that person but someone else.  I know sometimes Kyra can do fireworks and other times she cannot, so we take ear muffs every time just in case.  We know that Chuck E Cheese’s is a sensory overload and a nightmare if not addressed correctly.  Therefore, we only go every now and then as a treat, set a heads’ up timer to let her know when she has 10 minutes left, then a 10 minute alarm, she knows what we expect of her before she even goes in and so on.  We go in with a plan.  Just like we address bedtime with a plan, a sensory diet plan that still includes story time, cuddles, hugs and kisses, night light (lava lamp or glitter lamp if we can find the replacement bulbs), stretches and other calming activities.  We know that she still needs help bringing herself down and bedtime.