Sensory Diets

I recently joined several SPD parent support groups online and have noticed the trend of sleep problems.  That’s not uncommon in the world of SPD.  What was surprising is how few have either heard about sensory diets or thought about using them for bed.  When we were introduced to sensory diets, that what we used it for.  We started with dinner and ended with bed.  We would add the things that had to be done like bath and brushing teeth, but she got to pick her calming down activities for the night.  They would often include lava lamp, reading a story, yoga, rolling pin (same way as brush therapy), therapy brush (brush therapy),  hot dog/taco (we call it taco), and weighted blanket.  It’s a long process, but she is ready for bed when bedtime comes. Now we can just do parts of it most of the time.  I would share a picture of her sensory diet but we haven’t used it since we moved to GA.  I would have to find it first.