SPD and the holidays

Yes it is early, but I found it now so posting now.  Plus, always better early not late.

Those who know us, know that every year between Thanksgiving and New Year’s is the worst for Kyra.  I am holiday person.  I decorate every holiday and every season.  Halloween is currently a really large tub, Easter two really large tubs and regular size one, Christmas um…let’s say it’s better not to know.  In our house, Christmas decorating starts Black Friday and everything comes down New Year’s.  So yes it is safe to say I am some of the problem.  In my defense, I don’t put everything out either, if there is no room then it doesn’t come out and that goes for on the tree as well.

Kyra loves the singing animals/characters I have.  It is the highlight of her decorating when she gets the animals out, lines them up and starts pushing the buttons to make them all go off at once.  Daddy hates it, but Phoebe and I are used to it.  She loves to decorate the tree and loves seeing the lights.  She doesn’t avoid any of it.

What does happen is her behavior gets worse during that time though.  Homework, forget it.  The whole month of December, you would have better luck seeing pigs fly than getting her to do homework.  Lots of yelling, hitting, pushing, punching, pinching, etc.  One year after the Christmas Eve service Dad was locked in the van with her while I quickly removed Phoebe because of how violent she was getting.  Dad stayed to make sure that Kyra stayed in the van instead of following us out.  All of this was over the fact that she did not want to go home and go to bed. So yes the holiday struggle is real.  Add her Christmas curse (tends to do something horrible every year) and it makes me want to remove the months from the year at times.